Your planting and carbon sequestration project

In a modern life, we all leave a carbon footprint behind by just living and working!

By choosing to be a CARBON NEUTRAL PERSON OR BUSINESS, you will neutralize your carbon footprint in a regulated Project, verified against the VCS – Verified Carbon Standard and you will become CLIMATE FRIENDLY.

We’re lucky to work with a very special forest type—the Acadian forest located in  New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern Quebec, Maine, and northern New England.

The Acadian Forest is one of the most ecologically diverse forest types in the world , as well as one of the most endangered. With a moist climate and a historically very low risk of fire, it is ideal for storing carbon and a prime region for focusing climate change resilience efforts. The Acadian Forest is recognized by the World Wildlife Fund as “critically endangered,” the highest risk category for extinction. Less than 5 percent of the Acadian Forest remains in pre-colonial condition. More than 170 thousand acres of Acadian forest is destroyed every year by clear-cutting and only 5% now remains in pre-colonial condition.

We neutralize your carbon footprint by funding projects in the Acadian forest region that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to offset your carbon footprint by preserving forest land from being clear cut for the next 100 years.

Native tree seedlings will be planted on a previously forested site to increase species diversity and promote climate change resilience within a restoration management model. Future conditions will see the return of a healthy Acadian Forest ecosystem.The trees planted for you not only offsets your carbon footprint but also help restore this endangered forest.

By joining you will receive one or more of these

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